Sunday, April 28, 2013

Bronx Botanical Gardens

I recently headed to the Bronx Botanical Gardens to check out the Orchid Show, which was held from March 2-April 22, 2013. The orchids are found in the greenhouse, which covers a variety of climates (such as desert and rain forest). The greenhouse is always a highlight of the Botanical Gardens, but during the Orchid Show the entire house is alive with the most breathtaking orchid displays.

In the theater below the library they had really lovely music shows from the "world of orchids." The day I was there they happened to have a traditional Brazilian group performing. It a really nice touch, though a bit far from the actual greenhouse. Another time I was at the Botanical Garden I saw a concert at the same theater performing traditional Chinese music. I like this nice touch-- gardens and flowers stimulate the eyes and nose, but the touch of music help to stimulate the ears! Also, in a way, the variety of plants from around the globe help you to learn about the ecology of foreign countries; therefore, this touch of foreign music makes a lot of sense.

During some evenings they had Orchid Evenings where you could get a cocktail, listen to music, and enjoy the flowers. I didn't get to do this, but I wish I had! The American Museum of Natural history has something similar once a month or so, where they have a DJ come to the Museum and perform (more details here). I love this concept of museums and exhibits doing new activities to bring new life and excitement into the field, which usually is associated with old people, academics, and little kids and definitley not associated with fun parties and young people.

Here are some photos I took at the show: