Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Sun May 29 to Wed June 2

On Sunday we went to get Wills bag at CDG airport. We got his bag!!!!!
After, we went down the block from Mickeals house to the Sunday markets and got his mom flowers because it was mothers day in france! We then ate lunch with Mickael and his mom and relaxed.
Later, we had dinner with our friend Alana for all-you-can-eat mussels at a restaurant called Leon. I'm not going to lie, I had 3 buckets of mussels that were in this amazing tomato-based sauce. Definitely the best. My mom would have gone crazy for them.
After, we went to a bar called the Mad Maker that has a cool pirate theme. The tables are barrels and the ceiling has old sails on it and there are cool candle-like lights with chandeliers.
On Monday, Will and I went to Monmartre, a beautiful quater in Paris that is on top of a hill with a beautiful byzantine church that over looks the whole city. We Started off at Pigalle, the "sex district," and walked over to the Moulin Rouge. From there we began walking up the non-traditional way to the top, walking through the winding streets. We made it to the cute little square perched on top by the church that hosts painters and bistros, just as you would imagine Paris to be. At the other corner of the square, in front of an old church there were some performers doing kapoera. We went into the church, but there was actually a funeral going on- very awkward. Then we made it over to the Sacre Coeur, one of the most famous churches in Paris. It is incredibly massive inside and outside there was a fantastic view of Paris. Despite the bad weather, there were still lots of people there, though not as many as on a normal tourist day there. Then we walked behind the Sacre Coeur and down the back way of the hill to wander the streets. We saw the only vineyard in Paris, the only 2 remaining "moulins" or windmills, Picasso's studio and some famous painters house- haha i forget who!
We then went to the cemetary near by to sit down and relax because we were getting very tired. After resting we went back to Luxembourg to hang out with Alana and Noelle- it was alanas last night! So we went to an old hot spot that we used to go to every monday night when I was here last semester: the Great Canadian! Its a fun bar that has "wing night" on monday night- however, despite the name, the wings are not cheap. We had a fun time and went to an American bar near rue Moufftard afterwards to play American drinking games like flip cup and beer pong since you don't play those here and we thought it would be hilarious to go and play. It was definitely a great last night for Alana.
The next day we had to move out of Mickaels to go to Noelle's since now there is an extra room there now that alana's left. We spent a lot of time moseying around and then when we got to the appartment we spent most of the day cleaning. We did go with my friend Mirielle, who's also crashing at Noelle's, to the Marais- a really popular district to walk around and that is known for is Jewish and gay communities. We stopped in Eglise St. Paul, a really old beautiful church, to rest our feet- by this point in the week Will and I are exhausted. We went back to the appartment soon after to nap.
It was Mirielle's birthday, so we went out to sushi, which was actually very good and very cheap. I was really surprised. We then went to an Irish pub for a private party of a friend of a friend of a friend who was leaving. It was fun, and I think will's last night wasn't as epic as Alana's but we still had a good time.
Today, Will left and I took him to the airport to make sure he got there ok. I was really sad to see him off.
After I met with my old language exchange pair, Monique. We went to the area near the Louvre and went into Eglise de Roch, which had been the church for the artists in Paris. It was surprisingly beautiful inside, since the outside is so tiny. After we took the metro to Bercy, which used to be where wine was imported to Paris. Now, there are cute restaurants and boutiques in the old wine stalls. I've never been there so it was really nice, and I was surprised I've never herd of it. After, I went back to Luxembourg and met with Mirielle and her Turkish friend to hang out in the park, which was beautiful on this nice day, especially with the palm trees! After I made dinner for Noelle and me: pasta with tomato sauce and mini shrimps :) you'd all be proud, it was delicious! :D :D :D