Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wow, I really can't believe how fast the time is going... AND how much money I'm spending! I bought some sandwich meat the other day, and it cost .50 euros a slice! So I got like 2 4 packs for about 4 euros. Everything is such a blur, I barely remember what to say! I had an awesome crepe yesterday with eggs, cheese, and ham... soooo good! we also went to see a film on the history of paris which was really cheesy but cute and got me excited to see more monuments in paris. I walked around with a few kids, they seemed like they were looking for something, but I wasn't really paying attention, more like just checking out the scenery. we passed the opera de bastille, louvre, and tuileries garden. I also had the chance to go for a walk in the Luxembourg gardens on Monday, which was gorgeous!...
Monday we also had someone come in and talk about the possibility of an internship, which during the summer sounded too annoying and difficult, but now I'm starting to rethink it... I talked to the guy after class, and he said he could probably hook me up with an internship where I would translate french websites to english. i would get school credits and possibly a stipend. i would work 20hrs/week and take my classes at night. I'm really excited!
Today I took my placement test and on monday i can find out what classes i can take based on my level of french. i think i did ok... then me and 3 friends got a cafe au lait and walked around for 3 hours! we went food shopping (1 euro for a bottle of wine!) and I got a pastry for 3 euros- it was THE BEST strawberry shortcake i've ever had! tonight im going to eat in with some friends and were going to make quesadillas and other things for dinner :)