Monday, December 2, 2013

Profile on my NYC Marathon/UNICEF Experience

Just as an update: my marathon experience was highlighted by NYU student Lauren Holter! Lauren interviewed me before and after the race and wrote this lovely article on the experience! Read her article here:

Please also note that today is Giving Tuesday-- a day/movement meant to counteract the "Black Friday" and "Cyber Monday" craziness and promote the true "spirit" of the holiday season by encouraging people to make donations to non-profits, NGO's, and charities. My UNICEF fundraising page is still open and donations are being taken in to help with the continued relief efforts (particularly for children/families) in the Philippines after the serious Typhoon. As I know from my experience from Sandy, the relief efforts after the Typhoon are far from over! It will take well over a year for the Philippines to fully recover (Here in Massapequa, many families are still not recovered from Sandy-- not even close! And that was over a year ago!). Please consider making a donation on the right-hand side of this page if you have not already done so!

Thank you! Have a wonderful holiday season!