Thursday, October 17, 2013

T-Shirt Design is Out!

Great news: MadeInTruth Clothing, a small, Albany-based print screener and artist, has completed the front design for the t-shirt! Drum roll please...

The t-shirt design comes from the idea of UNICEF's slogan, which is "Believe in ZERO," the 0 representing the number of preventable children's deaths per year. The light blue is also the color of UNICEF's logo. We had the idea of the shoe prints from the Team UNICEF logo:
It was MadeInTruth's idea to have the "0 Preventable children's deaths per year" on the bottom corner facing up to the wearer as a sort of "cheat sheet."

T-shirts are available to those who donate $26.20 or more to my fundraiser (max 150 shirts). Businesses can have their logos placed on the back of the shirt for a donation of $200 or more.
Please make all donations here:
Special thank you to everyone who has given to my fundraiser! I am now 40% of the way to my goal and have surpassed the $1000 mark!!!

Thank you to the following donors:
Mary Jane Meconi
Pascale, George, May, and Ken Seigneurie
Prof. Stephen Straight
Betty, Bryan, and Cookie Marcelino
Ike Pardo
Catherine Quinn
Janice MacDonald
Mary & Tony Speranza
The Cafieros
Sean Mcleod
Marie Fuzia
Tom Maligno
Paula Kutch
Susan Thompson
Beth Mobley
Marianne Artusio
Fred Rooney
and Michelle Zakarin
Thank you!!! Without all of you I wouldn't be one step closer to getting to that marathon and getting this world one step closer to a world with ZERO preventable children's deaths per year!