Thursday, July 19, 2012

Looking foward...

Dear Family and Friends,

After this last week, I am trying to recollect myself and move towards my goals and projects that I had been working on. I would like to let you know about an amazing project that I had been working on for the last month and that I would like for you to be a part of. As many of you know, I love music and music festivals as well as humanitarian causes. Since coming home from France, I have been searching for an innovative way to raise awareness about climate change, organic foods, and world hunger at music festivals. Luckily, I have been given an opportunity to do this at the Mint Green Music Festival, a small festival that will be held on August 24 & 25 in New Jersey. 

The coordinators of the festival have provided me a pavilion where I hope to have DJs, artists, VJs (video artists), and dancers who will be performing in what we call the GROW: Psychedelic Garden. Throughout the pavilion will be a “garden” full of live plants and animatronic plants which can move, grow, change colors, light up, and display information on the issues we wish to tackle. Festival goers will therefore be able to dance, interact with these plants, and learn from them. There will be an Oxfam America booth featuring information and petitions on world hunger issues and a HeadCount booth where people can register to vote and learn how to become politically active. I have worked closely with both of these organizations in the last two years and found them to be highly respectable. There will also be a confessional video which will feature the voices of the festival attendees.

All of what I am sharing with you has never been done before. In order to make this amazing project a reality, my partners and I are looking to raise only $3,300 to cover the costs of performers, staging, installations, and video production. Please check out our Kickstarter website to make your donation before TUESDAY, AUGUST 7. All donations come with a cool reward, such as original art, tickets, stickers, DVDs and more. Other organizations that are already onboard include: Officially OutRageUs, Sensible Reason (the blog which I’m the managing director of), Imagination Overload, InkLine, and others.

I’ve worked really hard on this project already, and unfortunately time is short and there is the upcoming deadline that I need to meet. Please consider supporting me in my endeavors by making a financial contribution and/or passing on this email and information to someone who you think might be interested in making a contribution. Please be aware that if I do not reach my fundraising goal before Aug. 7, my project will receive no funding. I am greatly appreciative of every little bit of help in reaching my goal, even if it’s just an email forwarding this to a friend or a $10 donation.

Thank you so much for all of your support this last week and in the future.

Love always,


PS: Kickstarter is not a 501(c)(3) charity and therefore donations are not tax deductible.