Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Monday May 24

Hey everyone! Im at the Aalborg airport waiting for my flight to paris and they have these free computers, so I have 15 min to make an update!
Wills bag is no where to be found! :( we told them that when it is retrieved to just send it home, because the effort to get it back to paris will be unbareable...
On Monday will, Ninna, Annita, Johnny, and I went to a monastary and museum called Borglum. In it there was a carriage museum with old carriages and sleighs as well as old cothing that people really used to wear! Then we saw the beautiful view from the hilltop there as well as the herb garden.
Ill skip the kind of boring parts of the museum and cut to the cool stuff. There was a really nice church that has its oldest parts originating from the 13th century. It is a beautiful church. We were lucky enough to have a quartet of visitors just bust out in song. It was perfect full tonal sounds (not like gospel) that sounded like they were made for that church. The sounds vibrated off the walls and really amplified the quality. I loved that.
Apparently Hans Christian Anderson stayed in the monastary once, so they have refurbished the room he stayed in, which was kind of funny, especially the dummy of him dressed up.
There was a cool kitchen with real meats and a washroom with old washing and cleaning tools.
Across the street is a windmill that we walked too. It was on a hill where again there was a breathtaking view.
Then we went to a town called L√łkken. There they have a hard candy making place where they use original techniques to make it first into taffy and then stretch it out to make tiny hard candies with shapes inside. Its hard to describe, but they make the taffy into layers that are applied in different way to have a huge string. Then it is stretched out very thin and the candies are tiny but keep thi image in the middle. They have all kinds, ones that spell things, ones that have faces, or sunsets, or flags. Anything. It was really cool
Then we ate at a small, cheap restaurant that was really nice with a lot of wood (ambiance). Will had a traditional boef sandwich (beef sandwich) which was beef on hamburger bun (kind of like an american hamburger) but there is gravy drizzled all over it so you cant eat it with your hands.
Then we had these desserts that were interesting. They were these pancake balls, nice and light and fluffy, with vanilla ice cream and rasberry sauce. mmmmmmmmmmm
Finally, we went to Annitas friends shop. They are glass blowers, and the husband is actually an American. Funny, but he actually makes a lot of the glass just like how they made the candy. He would make a flower like shape, then wrap it in clear glass (this is all super hot so its moldable) and then stretch it out to make tiny bead like things that he can use later to use to make bowls and cups and things. We also saw him actually blow glass, and he made super thing bubbles of glass and we got to feel them- theyre like plastic pieces of paper! So cool...
Well gotta catch my plane back to Paris now!!! Will check in soon!