Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I forgot to mention last time that I saw a special exhibit called "Rembrandt to Vermeer" and it was about the golden age of Holland art. very cool
Well, after England, I went to work full time for 3 days which stunk.
For New Years Eve I ended up getting sucked into going to a club, which ended up being totally awesome! A little too fun... But it was cool, there was a count down and lots of "Bonne Annees!" lol
Sat. I tried to go to the catacombes b/c they just reopened with my friend Sara. Ended up being like a 2 or 3 hour wait, so we went to a garden on top of a train station. Very nice and quiet! Really loved it. Then we met my friend Pat. He's from Strasbourg and working in Paris and I know him b/c he studied when Julian was a Strasbourg so I met him once. His English is so fluent he doesn't have an accent or anything! We met for lunch and hung out for like 2 hours (me Pat and Sara) so fun! I ate a hamburger! AMAZING!
That night I made Mexican with some friends. Burritos! With Chicken and Rice!! Yessss!!
After we went to a bar where you can buy 10 shots for 20 euros and Emily's friends from NY met up with us. That was also very fun lol
Sunday I played basketball with friends and then we went to the Centre Pompidu b/c it was the 1st sunday of the month so it was free. We had KFC! I've never had it before... apparently its better in the US lol
The Centre Pompidu is cool, but I'm not really into modern art, so it was a little wearing after a while. But the view from the top is breath taking!!! You can see the Eiffel Tower, Sacre Coeur, Notre Dame, and the Hotel de Ville (which glitters at night) and since it was night, everything was lit up! Really worth the whole trip...
On Monday I met Monique, my French tour guide. She's really too sweet! She took me out to lunch, and we had real Breton food. That means crepe with cheese, egg, and sausage. Then a crepe suzette and some other delicious crepe. they had apples in them (bretagne is known for its apples) and some liquor from apples that they set on fire when they serve it to you! that was really cool. We also drank hard cider, which I really liked. And then we had coffee!! Really was too nice of her!
Tuesday was a busy day... work class, and then noelle's friends from ny were here... We went to Chez Georges. Its this awesome wine bar where the bottom is like a cave (ie: wine cellar) and its totally french, not touristy at all. I really like that place but I've had a cold for the last 2 days, so I was kinda tired. :(
Today I met Pat for tea at Laduree, which is a famous french place for macaroons. Very fancy! Definitely google it! I had some fancy tea and he had fancy hot chocolate. It was sooo nice!!!
Well I miss everyone and cant wait to come home!!! Next week is my birthday, but also 3 finals, so I dont think im going to get to celebrate :(
I also might take advantage of "Les Soldes" 2x a year the french stores are allowed to have big sales. This is that time! It goes on until Feb 9th, so I might reward myself for surviving such a difficult semester with a little shopping (haha!!)
17 days til I come home!!!!