Friday, October 9, 2009

Oh, wow! This week went super fast... It'll be hard to remember all the way back to Mon., since I feel like I do so much...
Monday I had a short orientation class the morning. I found out that I did really well on my exam, and that I am advanced. After, we had a lunch break, and then we met at the hotel de ville (trans: town hall) and had a private tour which I really liked.
Tuesday I picked up my text books for my grammar class and then dragged my friends to see Cimitiere de Pere Lachaise. In that cemetery we saw the grave of Jim Morrison (from the Doors), Edith Piaf, Baron de Haussman, and a lot of Nazi camp memorials. Then I went to an OxfamFrance meeting, which I got lost trying to get to lol. When I got there, they did a presentation on the mission of Oxfam or something... The girl giving it must have been nervous, b/c she was talking really fast and I pretty much understood nothing... I wish they had meetings everyday, b/c it was really good for my French!
Wed, I had class in the morning until 10:30... then I had a mock interview (to practice for the interview I was going to have on Friday for an internship) in the evening.
Thurs, I didn't have class until 7pm, so I randomly decided to go to Versailles. I went to the gardens b/c they are free. At the tourist info place, the guy was like well the gardens are really aweful right now, and I was like no flowers or shrubbery?? He was like, no. So I went with low expectations. I don't think he has ever set foot in the gardens, b/c they were BEAUTIFUL! I didn't realize how big!!! As big as central park! (well, probably not as big, but close). It was a nice break...
Today I had my interview, it went well. I'm not sure what to do now, all my friends are sleeping and most have class 2-4 and its not yet 12 but its also a crummy day... maybe ill try and hit up a free museum???